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Gezellig, je komt even kijken welke kleurplaten wij allemaal hebben. Zoals je hieronder kunt zien hebben wij er heel erg veel. Gelukkig staan ze per categorie en kan je makkelijker er een uitzoeken om mooi in te kleuren. Alle kleurplaten die wij momenteel online hebben staan, er komen er nog veel meer!!! Waaronder de allernieuwste, de meest gezochte, de hipste ..... echt allemaal.

Elke week proberen we weer nieuwe kleurplaten op de website te plaatsen, kom gewoon gezellig af en toe kijken en jij zult de kleurplaten vinden die jij zoekt.

Printen gaat heel makkelijk. Klik op de kleurplaat die je wilt en je krijgt de groter versie. Rechts zie je een printer staan, klik hierop! Reclame wordt niet mee geprint.

Image of a Boy stuff Boy stuff

There are some coloring pages we think are specially for boy's. Ofcourse there are also some girls who can messure with the boy's but we choose to name this category "Boy's". There are already so many coloring pages for girls. In this category you can find coloring pages of Starwars, Space, Knights & Castles, Robots and a lot more. Look at the coloring pages and find some you like to print.

Image of a Cartoons Cartoons

There are more studio's which procude animated movies so we created the category Cartoons. This is the place where you can find coloringpages of movies produced bij others then the big studio's, for example "Arthur and the minimoys". We'll hope soon moren

Image of a Children programs Children programs

Childprograms are more ducht programs for kids. Perhaps you don't know the persons in this categorie but they are still nice coloring pages to color yourself.

Image of a Disney / Pixar Disney / Pixar

Hey, this part is for coloring pages from Disney / Pixar cartoons. I'll think you know wich movie is from Disney / Pixar. The most famous ones are; Cars, 101 dalmatiens, Ariel the little mermaid, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and the beast but all so Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

Image of a Dreamworks Dreamworks

You can also find coloring pages about cartoons to, now they are made by Dreamworks. Think about Shrek 1 and Shrek 2 or Madagascar and Flushed Away.

Image of a Looney Tunes Looney Tunes

Looney tunes makes you laugh. Tazz the Tasmanian devil is always running like a grazy person. Tweety who will always escape from Sylvester. Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny.. I think they are my favorite.

Image of a Nature Nature

Nice coloring pages of the Nature. Make beautiful flowers for you mother or grandmother. It is always nice to get a beautiful coloring page from your child or grandchild. So it's fun for you to do and it's more fun to give it as a present.

Image of a Seasons Seasons

Seasons… Spring, summer, autumn and winter.. I think every season has something special. The leaves falling from the trees in autumn and the beautiful colors of all those leaves. Winter, snow and if we are lucky we can skate on the water. Special holidays like Christmas and New Year. Springtime when the trees get new leaves, the birds are singing, the sheeps get litle lambs. Summer.. Nice weather, beaches and naturally the big summer holiday.

Image of a Sports Sports

Sports, everybody likes a sport or is doing a sport themselves. Socker, hockey, baseball, basketball, honkball. We have some coloring pages of all kinds of sports.

Image of a Super Hero Super Hero

Superhero's like Batman, Superman, Spiderman. We all want to be a little like a superhero. Save the world and help de needed ones. You can find coloring pages of your favorite superhero at our website.

Image of a Toys Toys

Do you like Barbie or furby? We have some coloringpages of toys. Make a nice coloring page of your favorite toy.

Image of a Transportation Transportation

Looking for some nice coloringpages of cars? We have coloring pages of all kinds of cars, click on a link below to carry on and find out if we have the ones you’re looking for.

Image of a TV Serie TV Serie

Did you just saw your favorite television program? Now you can find coloring pages of your favorite serie. Dora, Bob the builder, Jimmy Neutron, Sunshine and Flowers, Winx Club, Sailor Moon, Arnold and much more.

Image of a Universal Animation Studios Universal Animation Studios

Universal animation studios is an American studio which makes movies and cartoons. For example; Woody Woodpecker, Alvin and the Chipmunks or the movies of Barbie like the 12 dancing princesses and the newest one: Barbie fairlytopia the Magic of the Rainbow

Image of a Wright and Read Wright and Read

Reading and writing. How nice is it to make an "welcome Home" for someone who's been a long way from home or practise your writing with coloring some letters.