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Wallpapers van Bloemen


We have different wallpapers of the animation Ratatouille.

Rémy lives in a rat colony in the attic of a French country home with his brother Émile and father Django. Unlike his kin, Rémy is a gourmet whose keen sense of smell is used by the colony only to detect rat poison in food. But Rémy yearns for more, sneaking into the kitchen to read the cookbook of his hero, Parisian chef Auguste Gusteau, who appears to Rémy in visions throughout the film to expound on his motto that "anyone can cook." Rémy learns that Gusteau died after a harsh review from mean-spirited food critic Anton Ego. The rats flee the house when the resident, an old woman, discovers the colony. Rémy, separated from the others, floats in the storm drains to Paris on Gusteau's cookbook, following the chef's image to his namesake restaurant, now run by former sous-chef Skinner (Ian Holm). As Rémy watches from a kitchen skylight, Alfredo Linguini (Lou Romano), a young man with no culinary talent, arrives and is hired on at the request of his recently deceased mother to do janitorial duties. The boy, unknown to all but his mother, Renata, is in fact Gusteau's son.