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About we4you2


We4you2 started several years ago as a platform to share our family pictures and to keep our family up to date regarding our live. My family and I live quit a distance from my parents and my sisters and their family. When our youngest child was born, we wanted to share our pictures with them.

Our oldest kid grew into a teenager and she was commonly to be found on the internet, playing games using MSN and also for her schoolwork. Surely this freaked us out as parents, knowing all of the mischief that is going on these days. She was often confronted with content, that we as parents would like to shield her from, but she insisted that she came across these pictures unintentionally. Therefore we, as it professionals, decided to shield our home network from this kind of content on the Internet and provide our kids with an almost unlimited number of coloring pages, avatars and wallpapers.

Friends and family heard about our content and asked if we could let them on our web space as well. This community grew and grew and resulted in our Dutch version of this site. More and more people found our website and we decided to take it international so we could help more people to real content instead of linkpages that drive you crazy. Everything we claim to have, we really have available on our website. The content is growing and growing, we’ve reached a point that our own server couldn’t keep up with it anymore so we moved a big chunk of our content to mayor servers in America to keep a reasonable response time.

Feel free to link to our pages, but please do not deeplink or hotlink to our images because we’d like to keep the speed of our site interesting to all of our visitors.

Enjoy our site and recommend it to others


Development team We4you2.